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OG7s traces its roots back to 2023, emerging from the aftermath of the Covid Crisis when our  15-a-side team folded. However, this marked not an end, but a new beginning for us.


Discover Our Origins

Our journey began with the 15-a-side team, and you can delve deeper into its history HERE.


Diverse Origins, Unified Passion

While OG7s predominantly comprises alumni from Woodhouse Grove, our doors are open to all. We take pride in our diverse membership, with players hailing from across the UK and beyond, all united by a shared love for the game.


Club History

A Stellar Debut on the 7s Circuit


In 2023, OG7s burst onto the 7s circuit, marking an unforgettable debut season highlighted by:


  • Participation in 3 tournaments

  • Reaching 3 elite finals

  • Securing 1 championship win and 2 runners-up positions, the latter both lost narrowly by a mere 2 points

  • Triumphs in 2 social plate competitions

  • Over 40 former pupils gracing the field

  • Involvement of 7 former 1st team captains























Giving Back

As we continue to grow, we've committed to supporting charitable causes. In 2024, we've proudly partnered with the MNDA association, contributing to their noble mission.

Global Recognition at Melrose 7s

Our journey took an exciting turn in 2024 when we received the prestigious invitation to compete at the renowned Melrose 7s. Despite a valiant effort, we bowed out in the semi-finals, facing a formidable Shogun team.

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